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Romantic, fun, lively- Pune is marvelous in its own way. The saying ‘love is in the air’ strongly befits Pune. Full of exciting places that inspire romance and passion between lovers, entertainment in family, and excitement in children, there is plenty of beautiful destination in Pune, that entice couples like flames attracts a moth. If you are making a plan to spend your weekends or vacations in Pune, then the first thing that comes to thought is the best hotels and resorts in Pune. SurfIndia is a directory portal that has listed many reliable and genuine service providers that promises you the best hotels and resorts services in Pune, under an acceptable price range. Explore the portal and filter out the best hotels and resorts that suit you and fall under your budget. Also, choose the service providers that have the best customer reviews and ratings.

Hotels and Resorts Services in Pune

Pune is a peaceful place and the best destination in Maharashtra to spend your weekends or vacations. The city has the best of both worlds- the cosmopolitan city with a laid-back lifestyle and moderate climate is considered one of India’s most liveable cities. The city is big and has many services offering agencies. Getting the best and trustworthy hotels and resorts in Pune can be challenging. SurfIndia is a directory portal that searched and collected a list of many reliable service offering companies that are professional and serving for many years. The hotel and resort service providers are background verified and offer the best services in the market. Choose the best hotels and resorts that suit your budget and stand on your expectations.

Tips For Choosing an ideal Destination-Wedding Venue in Pune

Weddings or any special moments are considered as one of the most significant events in our life. It deserves to be celebrated with grandeur and exclusivity. If you are looking forward to a destination wedding in Pune, then you have come to the right place. Pune is known for its scenic beauty, and close nature experience adds more flavors to your destination wedding or any memorable event. So, before booking any hotel or resort, here are some special tips that will help you choose an ideal venue for your marriage or any particular moment of your life:

1. Facilities and Amenities- While renting any hotel or resort to celebrate your special event, ensure you have all the facilities and amenities required for the function. Generally, most of the resorts in Pune offer over-the-top services to their guests. Be sure to choose a resort that provides you venue options and lots of verities of good cuisines.

2. Location- Try to choose the hotel and resort that is near to the central city. Do rush for the hotel or resort that is far away from the city. It might create many issues, like extra transport cost and less security.

3. Interior Decors- To make your event more memorable and look appealing, make sure that the interior decoration and designs are stunning. Floral themes are in fashion now and help bring elegance to the entire setup. If you are looking for a wedding resort or any event, do a lot of research online for the best result.

4. Accommodation- Make sure when you go to book any hotel and resort for a short vacation or any huge function, cross-check with space. Does the venue offers ample space for your guests? Can it welcome a vast number of guests?

5. Modern Washroom- It is advisable to ask your service provider whether they have a modern washroom or not. Many of the hotels and resorts provide such facilities. But still, ask for a hassle-free event.

6. Hygiene- Now, due to the threat of Covid-19, hygiene has been the priority. So, it is the most important question you need to ask your service provider, whether they strictly follow the guideline or not? What kind of precaution method they use? Do the staff wear masks and gloves? Do they sanitize themselves at regular intervals of time?

7. Parking space- Most of the hotels and resorts offer you ample parking space. But checking it before renting the venue can be beneficial for you. Also, ask the hotel owner whether they provide security and safety against theft.

8. Food- When it comes to Indian weddings or any function, food is something that is on top. We Indian believes in serving the best cuisines to their guests. So, before renting any hotel and resort in Pune, ask the owner about the types of foods that are to be served.

Hotels and Resorts Cost in Pune Price List

If you are willing in finding an average Hotels and Resorts Cost in Pune, then you can take a look from the table mentioned below:

Persons Budget Hotels (Rs.) Price List Luxury Hotels (Rs.) Price List Resorts (Rs.) Price List
Room for one
700 - 1600
2200 - 5200
3200 - 5200
Room for Couple
1100 -2600
3100 - 7100
5100 - 7100
Room for family of four
2100 - 3100
5100 - 11000
7200 - 12000
Up-to 1 Lakh
Up-to 1-2 Lakh
More than 2 Lakh

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