Hotels & Resorts in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, famously known as 'Nawabo ka Sheher,' is a popular place to visit during your vacations. Many attractive sites will leave your eyes stunned. If you are a biryani fan, then it will be the perfect place for your trip. Are you thinking about a trip to Hyderabad but confused about how to get an authentic stay? You will get the perfect solution with SurfIndia. It is an online portal with a catalog of the top-notch hotels & resorts in Hyderabad so book your hotel with SurfIndia at the comfort of your home without any hassle.

Hotels & Resorts services in Hyderabad

You will find a vast range of hotel & resort facilities with SurfIndia. It has a listing of genuine and certified service providers that guarantee a safe and comfortable stay for you and your loved ones. It is crucial to plan everything before going on a trip so that there is no inconvenience at the last moment. Get the best hotels & resorts services in Hyderabad with SurfIndia.

Facilities at hotels & resorts

  1. Comfortable bedroom
  2. Car parking
  3. Catering service
  4. Restaurants
  5. Poolside bar
  6. Swimming pool
  7. 24 hours security
  8. Outdoor terrace
  9. Conference room
  10. Dining area
  11. Air conditioner
  12. Laundry service

Benefits of booking hotels from SurfIndia

SurfIndia is a trustable online site that has listed authentic hotels & resorts that provides quality service to its customers. The staff members of these firms are professionals and have experience in serving customers. They are amiable and offer quick responses to the customer's issue. How much you will enjoy your trip also largely depends on the place you choose to stay. So book your stay with SurfIndia and admire the beauty of new sites.

Things to remember before booking a hotel-

1.Reviews & Ratings- Always check the customer's reviews and ratings before confirming the booking. You cannot always rely on the information given on their site. Check the customer's reviews from different websites to make sure there is no inconvenience in the stay.

2.Cleanliness- You can find the photos uploaded by the customers who stayed in the rooms to confirm the conditions of the rooms. The hotel website will show you only the clean images, so don't forget to check the photos uploaded by the people who stayed there. Maybe the rooms are not clean, and there may be molds in the bathroom, the tapes and flush may not be working properly.

3.Wifi- Most of the hotel's website shows free wifi in their rooms, but it may not be true all the time. The wifi is sometimes limited to a particular area, or you need to pay extra for the wifi service. Make it clear beforehand by the staff of the hotels.

4.Early check- in or late check-out- You cannot overlook the check-in and check-out timings of the hotel. If your flight is landing earlier or is late in the evening, you may have to pay extra. Clear the doubt with the staff beforehand if you have early check-in or late check-out so that you don't need to pay extra at the last moment.

5.Complimentary breakfast- Many hotels offer free breakfast to the customers. If you find one, then go for it. As breakfast is an important meal, getting a free breakfast will save a great deal of your money.

6.Location- You should be very careful with the location of the hotel you choose. It should be centrally located with good transportation facilities to visit the tourist places with ease. Also, it should be safe to stay.

Hotels & Resorts charges in Hyderabad

The Hotel & Resort charges in Hyderabad are as follows:

Persons Budget Hotels (Rs.) Luxury Hotels (Rs.) Resorts (Rs.)
Room for one person
500 - 1200
1500 - 5000
1500 - 5000
Room for Couple
600 -1500
2000 - 6000
2000 - 6000
Room for family of four
1500 - 8000
3000 - 20000
3000 - 7000

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Hotels and Resorts Services Near Hyderabad

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