Pest Control in Chennai

Chennai is a well-known and big city with having huge population. And if you are living in an apartment or have your own house, you must have used some kind of wood to make doors or windows or as woodwork for furnishing a home. Most of the time, these woods have not been treated for insects and pests. And thus, our enemy termite gets a chance to kick in our premises and starts damaging our belongings. So to protect yourself and your essentials, contact the pest control team listed on SurfIndia. All the enlisted service providers are verified, and in the end, they assure you a satisfactory and best result.

Pest Control Services in Chennai

Chennai is a big city and thus has many service providers. So, there is a lot of competition to be on top and challenging work to choose the best. So, SurfIndia provides you a practical solution, and it is a reliable and trustworthy directory portal that offers you an authentic and experienced pest control service provider. All the listed agencies on the site are certified, original, and reliable. The listed company on SurfIndia holds many years of working experience and offers Pest Control Services in Chennai; these service providers have pest control charges under an acceptable price range. The agency has polite, professional, and knowledgeable working staff with comprehensive knowledge regarding the dangerous pest and the chemicals used for the best result.

Top 8 Pest Control Tips and Methods everyone should use

1. Keep your Kitchen clean- Pest reproduces in a dirty and damp environment so, to avoid or minimize pest infestation. Cleaning your premises should be on priority. The kitchen is the most important place that should be clean and, of course, free from pests as the danger of contamination is high here. Keep the kitchen counter, racks, gas stove, and drawers clean. Also, if there is food left, it would attract more pests. This pest control tip may not eliminate the pests, but it will reduce the number of problems in your kitchen, in your house.

2. Keep your Bathroom clean- Keeping your bathroom clean also reduces the activity of pests. Use toilet cleaner, clean the pot at a regular interval of time. Wash the basin at least once a week with good quality cleaner. Make sure that drain is not clogged with hair.

3. Do not allow water to stand- ensure that you are emptying the water vessels regularly. If you are using an air cooler, then change its water at regular intervals.

4. Make sure fruits/ foods /water are not in the open for long- Please ensure that your kids do not leave served food or leftover open for long, and also, do not let them eat open food. Because open food or fruits are the primary sources of parasites and bacteria, that would be dangerous for them. Contaminated or open water/food is not recommended to anyone because it would lead to diarrhea.

5. Dispose of waste daily- Dispose of waste daily, and it is the key and most essential thing to keep your kitchen and house clean. Cover the dustbin so that flies and other pests do not feed on them and reproduce.

6. Maintain your Garden- If you have a lawn or garden, clean them. Fill all the holes and pits where you think water can stand. Use bleaching powder in the fountain and clean it regularly.

7. Keep your garden tools outside your house- Once you are done with the garden tools, keep all the items away from the house. Please do not use them for indoor purposes. This is because bringing these tools might bring pests from outside.

8. Fix mosquito nets on windows- Fixing mosquito nets on windows might reduce mosquitoes or other pests. It will act as a barrier, and do not let any pests enter your house. It might not completely kill the pests but indeed reduce the quantity of them.

How to identify that your home/office is infested with Pests

There are some clear signs of pests in your house, so if you're trying to check if your house is infested or not the check for the following signs:

  • Damaged woods
  • Mud tubes
  • Spiders webs
  • Termites mounds and scales
  • Termite Swarms

Pest Control Cost in Chennai Price List

If you are willing to find an average Pest control cost in Chennai, then you can check out the table given below:

Services 1BHK Cost 2BHK Cost 3BHK Cost
Rs 1,100 - Rs.2,100
Rs. 1600 – Rs. 3,200
Rs. 2,100 – Rs. 3,200
Rs 600 – Rs.1,100
Rs. 800 – Rs. 1,600
Rs 1,100 – Rs. 1600
Rats Control
Rs 600 – Rs.1,200
Rs. 800 – Rs. 1,600
Rs 1,100 – Rs. 1700
Ant Control
Rs 600 – Rs.1,200
Rs. 800 – Rs. 1,600
Rs 1,100 – Rs. 1600
Mosquito Control
Rs 1,600 – Rs.2,100
Rs 1,900 – Rs. 2,600
Rs 1,600 – Rs. 3,200
Centipedes Control
Rs 800 – Rs. 1,600
Rs 1,100 – Rs. 1,600
Rs 1,600 – Rs. 2,100
Termite Control
Rs 4,200 – 6,200
Rs 5,100 – Rs. 7,200
Rs 6,100 – Rs. 8,100

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