Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) in India

A Sports Utility Vehicle or in other words known as a off-roader is an automotive that is defined with a powerful load-hauling engine with an ability to have a passenger carrying capacity of a mini-van . The off-road design with the comforts matching the levels of sedans makes a SUV a favorite segment for the emerging market in India . The other basic feature is that a SUV has a enclosed passenger/cargo cabin unlike a pick-up truck that has open section for cargo even though SUVs were originally being built on light truck platform .

SUV is a package of tough looking design , strong on road presence and is equipped with a powerful engine to conquer any kind of terrains without effecting the comfort , safety or performance . And so there is a growing number of Indian families opting to buy SUV to have all family or friends packed for a long trip anytime to adventures in any kind of terrains. The Indian market has big car makers like the Tata , Maruti , Mahindra , Ford , Volkswagen , Volvo etc. introducing more cars in the segment of SUV .