Porsche Cojones

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Key Specifications of Porsche Cojones

Company Porsche

Segment Sports SUV

Maximum Power 290 hp

Car Comparison Compare SUV Cars

Technical Specifications

Length [mm] NA
Width [mm] NA
Height [mm] NA
Ground clearance [mm] NA
Wheel Base (mm) NA
Cylinders NA
Displacement (cc) NA
Type 3.0-liter V-6 of torque.
Maximum Power 290 hp
Maximum Torque 295 lb-ft
Fuel Petrol
Type NA
Top Speed NA
Acceleration (0-100 kmph) NA
Font : Disc NA
Back : Disc NA
Options Available NA


The price of Porshe Cujon is still not available.

Porsche has announced to inleash its new sports SUV, Porsche Cojones in India. The small SUV will be in support to its highly successful Cayenne. The Cajun will be very similar to the Audi Q5 in many respects including the dimensions. The sports SUV will have the wider nineteen- and twenty-inch wheels. All exterior and interior panels will be new, but the windshield angle, the firewall, and the roof pillars have to remain as they are on the Audi. To give drivers that classic Porsche sporting feel, the Cajun receives its own sporty seats, a different steering column, and the dashboard from the upcoming Boxster.

Striking Features:

  • Sporty Stance
  • Luxurious Interiors
  • Advanced Technology