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Arsa is a sweet delicacy that is prepared on special occasion like marriages and festivals. It is one of the favourite foods for the people in Uttaranchal. It is mainly taken as dessert. It is prepared with jaggery, rice and mustard oil. The ingredients and cooking method are given below to help you make tasty and yummy Arsa. So try out this recipe at your home and satisfy your sweet buds.


  • - 200 gm: Rice
  • - Jaggery (Brown Sugar)
  • - 300 ml: Mustard oil to deep fry
  • - Water as required.


  • - First keep the rice soaked in water for at least three hours. Then drain out the water. Take a muslin cloth, tie the rice in it. This is done to dry up the rice.
  • - Next, grind the rice into fine powder. Prepare a syrup of jaggery. It is made by boiling the jaggery in water till the liquid gets thick.
  • - Now, mix the thick syrup of jaggery and rice by the same process as we prepare dough.
  • - Make smaller balls out of it and roll them in the shapes of purls or dough nuts. Heat oil in a frying pan and deep-fry the rolls.
  • - Take out on a paper towel to soak up any extra oil.
  • - Now Delicious Arsa is ready to serve.