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West India Cuisine

west india cuisine

Variety is the spice of life and also the hallmark of cuisine of the West Zone of India. Diversity in the geographical area in this zone from the most arid to the wet and coastal makes this zone most versatile in terms of cuisine. Smorgasbord of this zone contains a wide range of both simple vegetarian and delectable non-vegetarian inclusive of the exotic and world famous sea food. Mouth waters even at the very name of Maharashtra's bhel puris, Gujarat's dhoklas, Rajasthani bati choorma and Goa's vindaloo.

Staple diet of the people of this zone is rice. Wheat, bajra and jowar are also consumed in regions such as in Gujarat and Rajasthan. A bounty of sea food in Goa and Maharashtra ensures that the fish and other sea food is the invariable part of the meal for the non-vegetarians. Subzi, dals along with rice and rotis constitute a vegetarian plate.

The state of Gujarat excels in the preparation of vegetarian dishes. The recipes are known for the subtle use of spices and rich texture. The greatest asset of the cuisine here is the unparalleled variety of snacks called 'farsan'. Most of these are a hot selling constituents of the menu in restaurants and hotels all over India.

Picturesque Goa has stolen the heart of lovers of sea food across the country and even beyond. Recipes of chickens, prawns, fish, pork and even pastries of these land of beaches are simply mind blowing.

Cuisine from Rajasthan tells the tale of the struggle of its inhabitants who had to combat the harsh climate of the region. Facing the scarcity of water and almost nil agriculture, it is praiseworthy to note that people have devised recipes which fulfill the needs of the people of high energy food, takes care of the geographical compulsions and are still appreciated by gourmets of repute.

Cuisine of the state of Maharashtra is extremely versatile. Presence of multifarious communities in the state has helped Maharashtra to be innovating in recipes and rich in variety. Vast coastline ensure that there is no dearth of sea food in the state.