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North East India Cuisine

north east india cuisine

Popular North East India Cuisine

Major Travel Destinations in Nourth East India

  • - Assam
  • - Sikkim
  • - Tripura
  • - Nagaland

Major Nourth East India Festivals

  • - Diwali
  • - Holi
  • - Durga Puja
  • - Bihu

North East Zone of India consists of seven states. These are popularly called "Seven Sisters of India".

States which come under this zone are: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram.

Striking factor of this zone of India is its pristine beauty and relatively much simple way of life. Food culture is this zone is much different from what we see in rest of India. And it is largely the same in these seven states. Inhabitants are basically non-vegetarian. Even if they cook vegetable they will add non-vegetarian to the same. In most parts of this zone, especially Nagaland people eat every available animal and do not waste any part of it.

Fish remains the favourite dish for most. Tripura and Assam, due to their proximity with parts of Bengal shows more love for fish than any other state. Rice is the staple food in this Zone. In Assam people consume rice in variety of forms and flavours. Pitha, a rice based sweet is a popular dish of this region. People put less oil and use mustard oil as the medium of cooking. Dishes prepared from ducks, bamboo shoots etc are very much popular in North-East Zone.