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Dal Recipes

dal recipes

Daals are cooked practically daily in almost every Indian home, vegetarian or not. Cooked with garlic and ginger, in addition to the staple spices of turmeric, cumin and coriander, Indian Daals have a worldwide fan following. Daals range from spicy-sweet to scorching hot with tempting flavors. They are a tasty way to get your protein for the day. Explore the best recipes of variety of daals cooked in different ways in different parts of India and enjoy a different daal everyday.

Dals are the most popular cooks in Indian kitchens. With a wide variety of Dals in different states of India, there are numerous cooking methods also. Being a rich source of proteins, Dals also have temting flavors and lip smacking taste.

Here is a list of most famous dals in India. Get English and Hindi names of most popular Dals in India:

Hindi English Hindi English
Arhar dal
Basmati chawal
Chana dal
Kabuli chana
Makai ka aata
Masoor dal
Sabut moong
Tur dal
Urad dhuli dal
Red gram
Long grain rice
Bengal gram
Flaked rice
Chick peas
Red lentils (split)
Puffed rice
Mustard seeds
Green gram (whole)
Red Gram
White split gram beans
Moong dal
Sabut urad
Urad dal (sabut)
Pearl millet
Bengal gram flour
White kidney beans
Black-eyed beans
Refined flour
Javantri maize
Green gram (split)
Flaked rice
Kidney beans
Black gram (whole)
Black gram(whole)