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Smt Nardeep Kaur, started this venture in the year 2002 while she was staying with her husband, who as a Border Security Force Officer was posted in Bangalore at that time. She was driven very strongly by her urge to spread the message of healthy cooking. During her stay at various locations in the country such as Kashmir, Bikaner, Samba (Jammu) and Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan), she realised that hotels and restaurants in all cities across India were generally taking their customers for a ride with expensive but poor and unhealthy food. She strongly believed that for the Nation to develop and progress, health of its citizens was of paramount importance. She decided to make a contribution towards that goal in her own limited way. Thus was born the idea of running cooking classes, especially for marriageable girls and young mothers who could learn low-calorie and low-fat cooking for their children or would be children.


Smt Nardeep Kaur is a graduate in Home Sciences from Punjab, University, Chandigarh where she learned all the basics of cooking, diet, etc. She is also a lawyer by qualification and belongs to a family of lawyers. But her unshakable belief in her goal made her chose running such cooking classes over a lucrative career in law. She is also a remarkable sportsperson, having played Basketball, Football and Softball at National level. Her fixation with health and healthy Indians is obvious, therefore.


She has been running cooking classes at all locations where she has stayed, sometimes teaching cooking skills to the wives of BSF personnel, free of cost. It was in New Delhi that she gave a name and identity to her venture and has been conducting cooking classes for the last about three years, earning a lot of acclaim instead of money. A natural extension in her venture has been, conduct of grooming sessions. With her rich multi-ethnical experience, especially that of a Force background, and with her positive and empathetic demeanour, she has acquired the ability to influence girls and ladies who come to her for cooking classes and most of them end up taking up grooming lessons too. She has also at times done counselling of women who approached her as they were facing some domestic problems at home.

Cooking Classes

First Lady cooking classes does not conduct training for a batch of more than four to five girls so that sufficient individual practice and attention could be given. Quality has always been given ascendance over profits. At First Lady cooking classes, multi-cuisine training is imparted and the dishes include those from various States of India, besides, Continental, Chinese, Italian, Cakes and Mocktails etc.

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Join First Lady Cooking & Grooming for a transforming and relishing experience. Free mock classes also on offer.