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Shrikhand is popular Gujarati dessert prepared on the occasions and festivals. Shrikhand owes its origin from Gujarat but it is equally popular in all over western India. Shrikhand is popular as Janmashtami recipe. Enjoy the chilled Shrikhand today and try it by your own.


  • - 1 ½ cup: Dahi
  • - ¼ cup: Sugar-powdered
  • - ½ tsp: Elaichi powder


  • - Place dahi in a strainer lined with a thin cloth and leave to drain the extra water. Takes about 1 hour, depending on the richness of the dahi.
  • - Transfer the strained dahi into a mixing bowl and add sugar and half the elaichi. Mix well, till smooth.
  • - Transfer on to a serving bowl and garnish with the rest of the elaichi powder.
  • - Leave to set in the refrigerator, chilling for at least 2 hours and serve.