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Recipes in Goa

goa recipes

Goa is not just the ultimate destination of tourists but also of of the gourmets of exotic sea food. Harmonious blend of various cultures have rendered a distinct and special flavour to the Goan cuisine which is deemed world class by the connoisseurs.

Pork, prawns and sea food are considered to be the specialty of the state known for its celestial beaches. Soups, salads, fries and curries prepared from the most superior variety of lobsters, crabs and jumbo pomphrets, found in Goa are hot favourites.

Food of Goa is considered to be simple, but is mostly spicy and chilli. Rice, fish and coconut form an integral constituent of Goan food. Coconut milk (prepared by grating the white flesh of a coconut and soaking in a cup of warm water) is also very much a part of most Goan recipes just as the kokum (a sour deep purple fruit) and tamarind. Tradition of using chillies and cashew nuts is a Portugese gift to Goan cuisine.

Vegetarian meals from Goa are not particularly famous. Most of the vegetables are steam cooked and do not make big use of spices as in north India. Pastries are savoured by the people of Goa on all occasions and seasons. Hindu and Christian community in the state follow their different styles of cooking. Traditional cooking is done in earthen wire on wood fire for that unparalleled aroma and flavour.