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Assado de Leitoa (Roast Pigling)

assado de leitoa

Assado de Leitoa (Roasted Piglings) are the special dish from the most beautiful state of India, Goa. Goan cuisine is unique in its presentation and taste. Assado de Leitoa is a culinary magic from the Goan cuisine.


  • - 4 legs: Pigling
  • - 4 inch piece: Ginger
  • - 25 cloves: Garlic
  • - 1 tsp: Cumin seeds
  • - 2 tsp: Peppercorns
  • - 2 inch piece: Cinnamon
  • - 16 : Cloves
  • - 2 inch piece: Turmeric
  • - 1 tsp: Sugar or small bit of jaggery
  • - 4 tbsp: Ghee or fat
  • - Salt as per taste


The legs of the pigling should be washed properly. Prick these legs slightly and then rub them with salt. Grind all the spices properly so that it becomes fine paste and then apply the prepared paste to the legs. Just sprinkle tablespoon of vinegar and leave it for an hour. Put a seperate pan on low flame, pour ghee and keep the legs in it in an arranged manner. Leave it to sizzle for a counple of minutes and then add three to four cups of warm water in it. After the water is almost dried and you see the meat is coocked, take away the pan from the flame. Slice the meat off the legs with fork and knife. Fry the pieces in ghee. Next, sprinkle the leftover gravy of the pan over the meat and garnish the meat with salad.