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Galinha com Coentro (Chicken with Coriander)

galinha com coentro

Galinha com Coentro, simply understood as chicken with coriander, is a special preparation of bone-less chicken. The preparation is a special Goan recipe. It is very delicious. Try to make this delicious recipe the main food when you invite your friend next time for a treat at your home. The ingredients are given below. Arrange them accordingly and follow the cooking method. Galinha com Coentro is ready to serve your friends. All the best for good complements.


  • - 2 full: Chickens
  • - 80 gm: Ginger
  • - 80 gm: Garlic
  • - 4-5: Green chillies
  • - 100 gm: Coriander leaves
  • - 10 gm: Hot masala (cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, peppercorn & cumin seeds)
  • - ½ tsp: Turmeric powder
  • - 15 gm: Cashew nut paste
  • - 1 ½ tbsp: Lemon juice
  • - Oil to fry
  • - Salt as per taste


First of all clean and remove the skin of the chicken. De-bone it and cut it into eight equal pieces. Take salt, lemon juice and turmeric powder and marinate the chicken pieces. Next, take ground paste and rub the chicken pieces with it. Keep it seperately for minimum of one hour for marination.

After an hour, heat oil in a pan and fry the chicken properly so that the juice is sealed. Make sure the chicken pieces are not over fried. Making this, add the ingredients left and cook it for three to four minutes. Add salt to it according to your taste. Remove it from the flame.

Now it is ready to serve. Serve hot and with local bread or garlic fried rice. Its too delicious.