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Maharashtra Recipes

maharashtra recipes

Maharashtra, the land of dreams, offers an alluring assemblage of simple vegetarian and exotic sea food for the conoisseurs. Different regions of the state offer a rich and varied variety of dishes, many of which have become are a rage all over the country. A blend of Malvani, Gaud Saraswat, Brahmin and Goan style in the coastal Konkani cuisine is as enchanting as the Varadi cuisine of the interior Maharashtra.

Staple food of the people of Maharashtra is rice while huge variety of vegetables, fishes and coconut form the essential part of the diet. Peanut oil is predominantly used as a cooking medium. Though the guiding principle while cooking is that the oil should not be seen in the prepared dish hence more often the vegetables are steamed. This helps to retain the nutritive value and flavour of the vegetables. Deep frying is rarely used in Maharashtrian cooking. Combination of jaggery and tamaring render a sweet-sour taste in the vegetables and pulses. A concoction of spices called, 'kala masala' makes the dishes all the more enticing.

People of Maharashtra are very much fond of snacks too, most of which are savoured by the entire nation. Kokum, a deep purple berry with a sour and pleasing flavour is used in several recipes. Dishes made of gram flour (besan) are common in Varadi cuisine while ginger and garlic are used in abundance in most Mahrashtrian dishes.

The state has a refined style of serving the food. 'Taat Vadhany' (method of setting the food on the plate) is the traditional and aesthetic way of serving various dishes on the 'tvaata' (plate).