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Subz Pakoda (Batter Fried Vegetables)

subz pakoda

Subz Pakoda is also known as Batter Fried Vegetables. It is one of the favourite recipe of Maharashtra. Preparing Subz Pakoda is not tough. It is made of vegetables and batter of gram flour, chillie, turmeric, and other as mentioned in the ingredients below. The preparation process for serving to six people is given. Follow the cooking method once you have arranged the ingredients and see how well you can cook this Marathi recipe. Have it with ketchup or chutney.


  • - Egg plant/ Brinjal: 100 gm
  • - Potatoes: 100 gm
  • - Cauliflower: 100 gm
  • - Onions: 100 gm


  • - Gram flour: 200 gm
  • - Red chilli powder: 5 gm
  • - Turmeric: 5 gm
  • - Crushed cumin: 3 gm
  • - Soda bi-carb: 2 gm
  • - Oil for deep frying
  • - Chaat masala
  • - Salt according to taste
  • - Water accordingly


  • - First cut the vegetables into thin slices.
  • - Prepare a thick batter with water, flour, cumin, red chilli powder, turmeric, salt and soda bi-carb.
  • - Next, give a coat of batter to each slice and then deep fry it. Take out on a paper towel to soak up any extra oil.
  • - Sprinkle the preparation with chaat masala. Serve it along with ketchup or chutney.