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Baadi is a special recipe of Uttaranchal. It is very tasty and easy to cook recipe. Invite your friends and relatives for a treat at home and serve hot Baadi. Baadi is made from Kwada ka Aata, also known as Choon or Mandua flour and is black in color. People of Uttaranchal eat hot baadi with Phaanu. You can also get recipe of Phaau is this recipe section of India. The ingredients list for preparing baadi is given below. Arrange them and try to cook at home. Follow the cooking guidelines given here.


  • - 1-2 cup: Kwada ka Aata
  • - 1-2 tbsp: Ghee
  • - Water as required


  • - Take a pan. Pour water in it and boil it till it boils.
  • - Once the water is boiled, mix to it kwada flour (choon) and cook it for two minutes.
  • - After it is done, add ghee to it.
  • - Now it is ready to eat. Serve it hot with Phaanu.