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Black and White Roti

black and white roti

Black and White Roti is a special preparation of roti by the people in Uttaranchal. It is very tasty to have with lots of butter or ghee. It is made with wheat flour stuffed with dough of mandua flour. Prepare this scrumptious dish yourself at home for your family and friend. It is very easy and fast to make for yourself when you are very hungry. Try out this yummy roti and say thanks to the people of Uttaranchal.


  • - Half Kg of wheat flour
  • - 300 gramm of mandua flour (A cereal only available in the Garhwal and Kumaon region)
  • - 1 gram or half tsp of ajwain


  • - Take half kg of wheat flour and knead it. Keep it seperately. Next, take the mandua flour and mix to it ajwaun and salt. Knead it. Keep this also seperately.
  • - Prepare a small ball of the wheat flour and stuff it with the mandua flour dough. Roll it into a round disc shape like chappati and cook it on a griddle.
  • - Serve the preparation with lots of butter or ghee. You can also serve it with craft cheese.