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Chicken Tikka

chicken tikkas

Ingredients (Serves: 2)

    • - 1 full: Chicken (large)
    • - 2 cups: Curd
    • - 1 cup: Onions(Grinded)
    • - 4-5 cloves: Garlic
    • - 1/2"piece: Ginger
    • - 2"piece: Raw papaya
    • - 1 tsp: Chilli powder
    • - 1tsp: Garam masala
    • - 2 tbs: Lemon juice
    • - 2-3 drops: Red colour
    • - Ghee as required
    • - Salt to taste


Clean the chicken. Remove the bones and slice it into small pieces.

Grind onions, garlic, ginger, and papaya into smooth paste. Mix it with curd, chilli powder and garam masala. Blend well to make the marinade. Add a few drops of red colour to the marinade with salt and lemon juice. Smear the chicken pieces with the mixture and let them marinate for 8-10 hours.

Heat ghee in a pan and add the marinated chicken pieces, fry for 5-6 minutes, then pour the remaining marinade on it. Cover the pan and cook on a low fire until chicken pieces are tender and dry. Serve hot.