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Gobhi Mussallam (Whole Cauliflower)

gobhi mussallam


  • - 1 no: Cauliflower (medium sized)
  • - 250 gm: Shelled green peas
  • - 150 gm: Curd
  • - 100 gm: Ghee
  • - 1 no: Onion (large)
  • - 1 inch piece: Ginger
  • - 1 tsp: Poppy seeds
  • - ¼ tsp: Chilli powder
  • - ¼ tsp: Turmeric powder
  • - ¼ tsp: Cumin seeds
  • - 1 blade: Mace
  • - 1 stick: Cinnamon
  • - 5 pcs: Cashew nuts
  • - 5 pcs: Green cardamom
  • - 5 pcs: Cloves
  • - Salt to taste


  • - Wash the whole cauliflower. Cut off the main stalk and remove the leaves.
  • - Finely slice the onion, fry to a golden brown colour and grind to a paste using some of the curd.
  • - Separately grind ginger, mace and cinnamon. Cardamom and cloves. Lightly roast the poppy seeds and cashew nuts on a griddle and grind to a paste.
  • - Parboil cauliflower in half litre salted water. Remove.
  • - Now in a kadhai, heat the ghee in which the onions were fried and place the cauliflower upside down first so as to lightly brown it. Turn and cook the stem side for 5 minutes. Remove and place in the curd. Mix all the ground ingredients, chilli and turmeric powder and salt and pour over the cauliflower.
  • - In a lagan, place the cauliflower along with the marinade. Pour ghee on the top and sides, saving 1 tbsp for peas. Cover and place slow charcoal fire on the lid and also below the lagan. Cook till the masalais dry but moist and the cauliflower is done.
  • - Meanwhile in the kadhai heat a tbsp of ghee and add the cumin seeds. When they begin to crackle, add the shelled peas, a pinch of salt and cook till tender.
  • - When the cauliflower is done, serve on a bed of peas.
  • - Note: Cauliflower can be cooked in a moderately hot oven instead of the lagan.