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Jungli Maas

jungli maas

This is one of the famous non vegeterian recipe of rajasthan. Jungli Maas or Jungli Maas Samosa is a recipe made from meat and butter or oil. It is very easy to prepare and does not take longer time. It can be easily prepared at home giving you an opportunity to invite guests at home for a delicious treat. The ingredients are given below and also the method of preparation. Try out today and taste the flavour of Rajasthan.


  • - Meat
  • - Clarified butter or oil
  • - Whole red chillies
  • - Salt according to the taste and water


Jungli Maas does not take time to prepare. First heat the clarified butter or oil in a pan and put the meat in it. After about ten minutes put salt to it according to the taste, and the whole red chillies. Keep adding little water frequently. Try to maintain a balance between the boiling and frying part of the meat. Both the activities should be done simultaneously. Dry the water when it is tender. Serve it hot. Yummy to eat.