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Kafuli is a yummy recipe prepared from palak ka saag and methi. It is best served hot with either roti or steamed rice. It is one of the favourite food of Uttaranchal. A long list of ingredients are given below. Get them and prepare yourself following the cooking instructions.


  • - 2 bunches: Spinach(Palak ka saag)
  • - 1/2 bunch: Fenugreek leaves ( Methi) optional
  • - 4-5: Green chillies
  • - 4-5 cloves: Garlic
  • - 3 cm piece: Ginger
  • - 1 tsp: Cumin seeds
  • - A pinch: Asafoetida
  • - 1/2 tsp: Dry coriander powder
  • - 1/4 tsp: Turmeric powder
  • - 1 tbsp: Rice powder or rice paste
  • - 2tbsp: Curd (optional)
  • - 1-2 cup: Water
  • - 2 tsp or to taste: Salt
  • - 2 tbsp: Oil ( preferably mustard oil)


  • - First wash the palak and methi properly with water, then chop it and boil along with green chillies in water (less quantity) till tender.
  • - Next mash it into a paste with the help of a blender.
  • - Chop ginger and garlic. Keep it aside. Take oil and heat it in a pan.
  • - Add the chopped garlic and ginger in this oil till it turns light brown. Then add cumin seeds and asafoetida.
  • - Add to it the mashed vegetables along with turmeric powder, dry coriander powder and salt according to the taste.
  • - Add water to the kafuli accordingly and bring it to boil and then add the rice paste or the rice powder dissolved in water.
  • - Cook it covered for approximately 10 minutes on low flame till the gravy thickens up. You can also add water to boil if it is dry.
  • - Garnish the preparation with pure ghee. Serve hot with either roti or steamed rice.