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Nimbu Pani

nimbu pani

Nimbu Pani is cosidered as the lifeline for intenese summer heat. It is the most frequent beverage of Indian homes. A glass of Nimbu Pani is enough to give you a refreshing sensation and a feel of relaxation. Explore the preparation method of the most common beverage in India.


  • - 8 cups water
  • - 4 juicy Lemons
  • - 10 pitted and halved dates
  • - 1/3rd cup Honey


  • - Take 4 juicay lemons and cut them crosswise in halves.
  • - Remove the zest from 6 of the halves and squeeze out the juice.
  • - Slice the remaining lemons into thin rounds.
  • - Take a sauce pan and add 8 cups of water and dates to it.
  • - Gently boil for ten Minutes. Now add the zest and boil for another 2-3 minutes.
  • - Remove the pan from the heat and add honey, lemon juice and lemon slices
  • - Leave it loosely covered for 8-12 hours.
  • - Use a muslin lined sieve fir straining.
  • - Refreshing Nimbu Pani is ready. Serve chilled for a pleasent experience.