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Padampuri Murg

padampuri murg

Padampuri Murg is a preparation of chicken, khoya and yogurt. It is one of the special dish of the people of Rajasthan. They cook this recipe whenever there is some special occasion. Padampuri Murg tastes really yummy and you will love it eating as well as preparing it.
Give a try of preparing it at home and invite some friends for a treat of this special cuisine of Rajasthan. Follow the cooking guidelines given below. The ingredients of the preparation are also mentioned below. All the best for cooking Padampuri Murg.


  • - Chicken: 750 gm
  • - Khoya: 100 gm
  • - Yogurt: 250 gm
  • - Small onions: 7 pieces
  • - Garlic paste: 2 table spoon
  • - Ginger-finely chopped: ½ table spoon
  • - Garlic: One pod
  • - Whole red chillies: 6 pieces
  • - Coriander seeds: ½ table spoon
  • - Cloves: 5 pieces
  • - Aniseed: ½ table spoon
  • - Cinnamon: 2 sticks
  • - 2 Cooking spoons of clarified butter
  • - Salt according to the taste


  • - Get all the ingredients mixed leaving chicken, cloves, cardamom and the cinnamon along with the yogurt. Next, heat the clarified butter. Add cloves, cardamom and cinnamon to it.
  • - Now add the ingredients mentioned above. Make a masala of it by stiring. Now its time to add the chicken. Cook the chicken till it is done. Please take note, dont add water to it.
  • - Now this scrumptious dish is ready to eat.