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Pal Payasam

pal payasam

Popularly known as Kheer, Payasam is a sweet and tasty recipe from south India cuisine. There are several varieties of payasam. Here we are making it with red rice. Typically it is a rice pudding prepared with sugar and boiled milk. Kheer or payasam is believed to be pious food hence prepared on house hold pujas as prasad.
Pal PayasamMakes: 4 servings
Sheflife: Best fres


  • - 3 litres: Milk
  • - 700 gm: Sugar
  • - 180 gm: Dried red rice


  • - Boil the milk.
  • - Add sugar and mix well.
  • - When it boils again, add the washed rice in it. Simmer in medium flame.
  • - Cook till the rice is done.
  • - Serve hot.