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Sattu Dalia


Sattu (powder or flour of roasted gram) is a mixture of different whole wheats and used very commonly to prepare several dishes and snacks in homes and restaurants throughout India. Dishes made from Sattu are very nutritious and suitable for all age groups. Sattu is also considered very necessary for a growing child.

In this section we present the recipe of Sattu Dalia. A very delicious, easy-to-make and full of health dish.


  • - 250 gm of wheat
  • - 250 gm of oat
  • - 250 gm of barley
  • - 250 gm of gram
  • - 250 gm of corn
  • - 250 gm of millet
  • - 100 gm of soyabean
  • - 100 gm of sugar
  • - 100 ml of milk/cold water
  • - Dry fruits (cashew, almond, walnut etc. for garnishing)


To prepare Sattu Dalia, first of all you need Sattu (Flour of fried grams). You can make Sattu at your home also. Just read on to know how.

  • - Clean and dry all the grains in mild sunlight.
  • - After drying, roast all grains separately and grind them to fine powder or flour.
  • - Preserve this flour in an air tight jar.

The Sattu is ready. Now we are ready to make Sattu Dalia.

  • - Mix 02 table spoons of Sattu in cold milk or water and make a thick, batter like, liquid.
  • - Add sugar or honey according to your taste.
  • - For garnishing you can use nuts like walnut, cashew, almond etc. or you can use small pieces of fruits like banana, apple, mangoe etc.
  • - Its ready now serve the cold Sattu Dalia in a bowl.

The delicious and healthy Sattu Dalia is very useful for growing kids under the age of 10 years.