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Sel Roti



  • - 1 kg: Rice
  • - 250 gm: Wheat flour
  • - 500 ml: Milk
  • - 200 gm: Sugar
  • - 100 gm: Ghee


To prepare Sattu Dalia, first of all you need Sattu (Flour of fried grams). You can make Sattu at your home also. Just read on to know how.

  • - Wash and soak rice overnight; pound into fine powder.
  • - The rice flour supplemented with butter, sugar and some spices are made into batter by adding milk and 2 cups of water, and allowed to ferment for between 4 h during summer and 24 h during winter at room temperature.
  • - The leavened batter is squeezed by hand and deposited as continuous ring onto hot edible oil till they become gold brown.
  • - Sel roti is served as staple confectionery bread with Shimi ko achar and mutton curry.