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Til Ke Ladoo


This Indian dish is a perfect blend of crisp and crunchy sesame seeds (til) and viscous sweet jaggery syrup. It is supposed to be a winter recipe as sesame have heating properties.


  • - Sesame (til) seeds - 4 cups
  • - Water (paani) - half a cup
  • - Brown sugar or powdered jaggery (gud) - half a cup
  • - Coconut (nariyal) - 1 coconut chopped finely into small pieces


  • - Take a saucepan and heat it on the middle flame, wait till the vessel is warm.
  • - Mix the water with jaggery and bring to boil to make syrup.
  • - When the mixture is boiling, slowly add coconut and heat till it becomes thick.
  • - Roast sesame seeds in the other saucepan till they become light brown. Do not overheat the seeds as they may give a bitter taste if heated too much.
  • - Add these seeds to the syrup and slowly stir and mix.
  • - Allow the preparation to cool for some time.
  • - Now make tiny compact balls and tasty Til ke ladoos are ready!!!