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Doi Machch

doi machch

Doi Machch is a recipe of Eastern part of India. It is specially prepared by the Bengalis of West Bengal. Rohu fish is the perfect for cooking Doi Mach. The ingredients of preparing Doi Mach are given below. Get them from the market and follow the instructions of cooking and then this recipe of West Bengal is ready to serve.


  • - 500 gm: Fish (Rohu/Carp)-sliced into desired sized pieces; washed, wiped and rubbed with some turmeric and salt
  • - 1 cup: Curd
  • - 3 tbsp: Onion paste
  • - 1 tsp: Garlic paste
  • - 1 tbsp: Ginger paste
  • - 1 tsp: Turmeric
  • - 1 tsp: Chilli powder
  • - 4 tbsp: Mustard oil
  • - 2 : Bay leaves
  • - 1 tsp: Cumin seeds
  • - 4 pcs: Cardamoms
  • - 2 pcs: Cloves
  • - 1 tsp: Cinnamon-broken
  • - 1 tbsp: Sugar
  • - Salt to taste


Doi in English means curd. Mix well the doi with ginger, garlic, turmeric, chilli powder. Let the oil gets heated up and then fry the fish till it turns brown. Bring out the fish off the frying pan.

Making use of the same oil, add to it bay leaves, cumin, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. After the seeds splutter, add curd mixture and saute it till the fat seperates. Next add the fish and saute till it is cooked through. Add sugar and salt to it and then serve it hot.