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Recipes in West Bengal

west bengal recipes

Fish and rice are the two ingredients that virtually describe the cuisine of Bengal. Though that does not mean that the state has nothing more to it. People in the state also eat a variety of vegetables that grow in plenty in the favorable climate of the state.

A main stay in the meals of Bengalis, fish (especially fresh water fish) is cooked in diverse styles. It is steamed, fried, stewed with vegetables and sausages and boiled in spices with different flavours. Mustard oil which goes well with fish dishes is the medium of cooking in Bengali cuisine. Seasoning is done with the concoction of five spices (aniseed, mustard, fenugreek seed, cumin seed and black cumin seed) called Panchphoran.

West Bengal's love for sweets and sweetened curds is traditional and famous. Sweet delicacies from the state are savoured by all in the country. Influence of Mughal and European style of cooking in Bengali recipes and can also be seen. Cooking pattern is gradually evolving as modern people of Bengal love to experiment with cooking cultures of other states and countries.

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