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Recipes in Sikkim


Hilly state of Sikkim boasts of a distinct cuisine of its own. It is is unique because it is a cross cuisine of not just various states in India but also different countries. Sikkimese food has an apparent influence of Tibetan, Nepalese, Bhutanese besides, of course, the Indian style of cooking.

Recipes in the state have evolved over the years and reflect the changing needs, geographical compulsions and cultural impact of neighbouring countries and state. It shows the prudence of the people of Sikkim who imbibed only those styles and methods from other cultures which benefited their way of life and retained their own distinct cuisine.

People of Sikkim are largely rice eaters though maize too happens to be the staple food. Inhabitants of the state also consume dals (lentils), fresh vegetables, bamboo shoots, wild flowers, mushrooms and nettle leaves in their regular meals. On the non-vegetarian side, beef, pork and fish are popular items. Meat and dairy products are consumed depending on their availability in different regions of the state.

Practice of eating fermented vegetables and beverages is a norm in the Sikkimese tradition. This helps to preserve vegetables when they become out of season. Soups, an assortment of pickles (a unique one with a each dish) and a variety of beverages make the food more delightful and help the people to face the chilly weather of the state.