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Fruit Kheer

fruit kheer

Fruit Kheer is delectable pudding prepared with a variety of fruits. Also famous by the name of Fruit Pudding and Mixed Fruit Kheer, this dessert is a treat to enjoy. A cluster of nutritious fruits served with curd and other salts make it a mouth watering sweet dish.


  • - 2 peeled and thinly sliced, large Bananas
  • - 1/2 tsp freshly ground Black Pepper
  • - 2(140 ml) cartons Curd (plain yogurt)
  • - 2 large segment peeled Oranges with pipe removed
  • - 1/2 tsp Red Chili powder
  • - 1/2 tsp Saffron Strands
  • - 1 tsp Salt
  • - 2 tsp Sugar


  • - Take a bowl and mix sugar, pepper, chili powder, salt and curd in it.
  • - To this mixture, add the bananas and oranges and mix together for 2 minutes.
  • - Take the saffron in a tsp of water and sprinkle it over the pudding.
  • - Relishing Fruit Kheer is ready to be served.