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Delhi, the National Capital of India is simply a gourmets delight. Cosmopolitan to the core, Delhi offers the best of cuisines, in the very best of the taste from all over the country and across the globe. But it does not mean that the state does not have anything original of its own. Delhi happened to be the most favoured and favourite city of Moghuls and hence the secrets of the rich and royal Mughlai food was handed down to the people of this state. Delhi takes pride to have inherited the recipes deemed 'fit for royals'. For, it consists of a superb mix of aromatic spices, exotic sausages, butter based curries, loads of dry fruits and roasted meats cooked in earthen ovens called tandoors.

Due to its proximity to Punjab and dominant Punjabi community recipes from Punjab are extremely popular in Delhi. Liberal doses of ghee, butter and cheese are savoured with as much joy here as in Punjab. However, as people of all communities, languages and creed have come to occupy a significant proportion of Delhi's population, recipes from all corners of the country are gaining gradual yet notable popularity.

Lip smacking Chinese cuisine too has found a number of admirers in this city of multiferous varieties. Small kiosks selling Chinese food can be seen thriving in every nook and corners along with the Delhi's hot favourite chat. Italian and Thai food also command a great fan following in this food loving city. People here love to experiment different recipes and gift them a distinct stamp of Delhi.