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Himanchal Pradesh Recipes

himanchal pradesh recipes

Beautiful state of Himanchal Pradesh has a unique cuisine of its own. The cuisine of this hilly and cold state has been developed keeping in mind the geographical compulsions (as agriculture is difficult and communication is tough) and high nutritional requirements of the inhabitants.

Paddy and maize happen to be the staple food of the people as the climate favours the production of these crops. Dishes prepared from Salayara and an iron rich cereal called, Kodra are part of the daily food.

People are very much fond of tea. Keeping with the trend botis (cooks) have produced a range of recipes for tea. Milk and other daily products form the part of the daily food habit of the people as traditionally people have cows in their house. Dishes prepared from energy rich sattu is a must item of every day meal.

Taste in Himanchal Pradesh varies from region to region. Some people are very much fond of non-vegetarian dishes. These are prepared using host of spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and red chillies.

List of Recipes

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