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Recipes in Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabadi Biryani Cuisine of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh is well renowned not just in the country but also amongst the gastronomes all over the world. The most enchanting factor of the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is the amalgamation of the delectable Southern and refined Deccani style of cooking.

For the foodies there is no dearth of variety in Andhra Pradesh. A large part of the population is vegetarian and has innovated some excellent recipes while people living in the coastal areas can treat one with the best of sea food. There is also an excellent variety of non-vegetarian dishes and most amongst these are hugely popular.

Learn to prepare Andhra Style Recipies. The Staple food of the people is rice. Food of Andhra Pradesh is known for its heavy use of spices and chillies. Its huge assortment of spicy pickles and chutneys are a rage all over the country. Curd is also a part of the meal in the Andhra Pradesh as it helps to neutralise the spicy nature of the food.
  1. Hyderabadi Biryani
  2. Mirchi ka Salan (Tangy Chilli Gravy)
  3. Bhagara Baingan
  4. Hyderabadi Haleem
  5. Khubani ka Meetha (Dessert)
  6. Hara Kebab
  7. Nahari (A Curry of Sheep's Trotters)
  8. Keema Methi (Minced Meat with Fenugreek Leaves)
  9. Romaali Roti
  10. Idli
  11. Masala Dosa
  12. Medu Vada
  13. Masala Vada
  14. Sambar
  15. Pal Payasam
  16. Coconut Chutney
  17. Chettinad Chicken
  18. Ven Pongal
  19. Vegetable Uppama
  20. Mulaga Podi
  21. Tomato Rasam
  22. Kesari Bhath (Dessert)
  23. Mysore Pak
  24. Chiroti (Dessert)
  25. Bisi Bele Bath
  26. Uppittu
  27. Vegetable Puff
  28. Akki Roti

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