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SamosaIndian kitchen is loaded with numerous varities of tastes and flavors. Right from a fresh morning to the resting night, an elongated list of recipes are there to test your taste buds. Depending upon region and religion, these different delicacies pass on from one generation to another and become a basic requisite of one's life. Here is a list of some main course recipes of India

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. An Indian breakfast has some nutritious varities which provide sufficient energy for a hectic day ahead. Here is a collection of some popular Indian breakfasts. Following are the most popular combinations of an Indian Breakfast

Option 1
» Parantha : Parath Parantha, Stuffed Vegetable Punjabi Parantha, Punjabi Lachha Paratha, Warqui Paratha
» Pickles :  Mango pickle
» Beverages :  Lassi, Milk, Tea
» Vegetables
» Curd/Butter

Option 2
» Cholle - Bhature : Bhatura, Punjabi Cholle, Curd

Option 3
» Aloo - Poori : Aloo Amritsari, Poori, Doodhi Halwa, Moong Dal Halwa

Option 4
» Nutritious : Corn Flakes, Bread, Butter, Sprouts, Omlettes

Other Options
Besan ka Cheela, Idli, Samosa, Poha, Utpam, Upma
Lunch is considered to be the rejuvenating meal of the day. After an efficient morning schedule, its time to re-fuel yourself with energy. Thus, a luch needs to be refeshing as well as a storehouse of energy. In India, there are numerous options for a lunch most famous of which is a traditioal Indian Thali.

Option 1
» Traditional Indian Thali : Popular Vegetables, Daals, Breads, Pickles, Chuttneys, papad, sweet dish, salad and beverages. Depending upon the cuisine, Indian thalis are broadly categorized as Rajasthani, Gujarati, Mughlai, Punjabi

Option 2
» North Indian Thali : Two Gravy Recipes (Kadhi, Rajma), Three Vegetables, Roti, Naan, Jeera Rice, Papad, Curd, Pickles, Salad, Gulab Jamun or Gajar Ka Halwa, Lassi

Option 3
» South Indian Thali : 2 Vegetable curries, Daal, Special Rice, Chapati, Plain Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Yogurt, Papad, & Dessert

Option 4
» Lunch at Home : One Vegetable, One Daal, Roti, Raita (curd), Salad, Rice , Papad and Pickles.

Dinner is usually the time when all the family members have their meal together. After a tiring day, one needs rest and a light refreshing meal is the best way out. Here are some most popular combinations for a delectable dinner.

Option 1
» Daal - Chawal : This is the most simple option for dinner. Try out different daals and rice recipes for a light and delectable dinner.

Option 2
» Dinner at Home : Seasonal Vegetable, Daal, Roti, Raita, Salad, Rice, Ice Cream

Option 3
Biryani - Vegetarian, Papad , Rajma, Tandoori Roti, Warm Gulab Jamun or Vanilla Ice-Cream

Option 4
Rice, Malaee Kofta, Nawratan korma, Kheer, Roti or Pratha, Mix Pickles

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