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Kerala Recipes

kerala recipes

The state of Kerala has a large and delectable culinary repertory of it own. Most of its dishes and sweets are popular amongst foodies all over the country.

Mix population of the state comes as a boon to the cuisine of Kerala. Hindus in the state excel in the preparation of vegetarian dishes while kitchens of Muslim households offer a rich variety in non-vegetarian dishes. Christians on the other hand have given some interesting fish recipes to the coastal state.

Cuisine of Kerala changes from region to region. People living in coastal Kerala consume more sea food, while those living in plains depend take more vegetables in their regular meals. However, tribals and people living in northern part of the state take meat in the main course. An impact of voyagers from Greece, Italy, France, China and Africa can also be seen on the coastal Kerala.

Kerala, the God's Own Country, is also referred to as the, "Land of Spices". As a major portion of its cuisine is hot and spicy. Coconut too is considered to the be the inevitable part of almost all dishes prepared in Kerala. Staple food for the people of Kerala is rice. The food is made even more interesting with lip-smacking chutneys and pickles. Inhabitants of the state lay a great emphasis on health aspect of their food. Use of oil, sugar and artificial additives is kept to a minimum.

There is also a very special style of serving sadya (feast) in Kerala. Food is served on soft banana leaves and is eaten with hands. There is also a prescribed order of serving various dishes on the banana leaf. People usually sit in rows of mats at the time of the sadya as a tradition.