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Dola Banerjee

Dola Banerjee

Personal Profile (Personal Biography)

Full Name: Dola Banerjee
Date of Birth (Birthday):  June 2, 1980
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Hair Color:  Black
Birth Place:  Baranagar near Kolkata.
Religion: Hindu
Marital Status:  Single
Languages:  Hindi, Bengali and English
Professional Game:  Archery

Family Background
Father's Name: Ashok Banerjee
Mother's Name:  Kalpana Banerjee
Brother's Name:  Rahul Banerjee

Archery Background
Famous Victories
2007- Meteksan World Cup - Gold medal.
2007- Archery World Cup - Gold medal
2006- SAF Games - Gold medal
2001- International Invitational Boxing Championship - Gold medal.
1999- YMCA Junior International Boxing Championship -Gold Medal

Insight to Dola's Life

Dola Banerjee was born on the 2nd of June 1980 at Baranagar, near Kolkata, West Bengal. Her parents Ashok Banerjee and Kalpana Banerjee made her reive her scooling at Baranagar Rajkumari Memorial Girls High School. She began playing the game of Archery at quite an early age, and joined the Baranagar Archery Club at the age of just 9 years. Dola created a history of sorts in the year 2005 when she won the Gold Medal at European Grand Prix Archery tournament and the Golden Arrow Grand Prix Archery tournament, Antalya, Turkey in the same year. She is a cousin of the singers Shaan and Sagarika

Award and Achievements

  • - Dola Banerjee was honored with the Arjuna Award in 2005.
  • - She is the first female Archer ever to have been honored by Arjuna award.
  • - Her younger brother Rahul Banerjee is also an>