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Krishna Poonia

Krishna Poonia

Personal Profile (Personal Biography)

Full Name: Krishna Poonia
Date of Birth (Birthday):  11th October 2010
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Hair Color:  Black
Birth Place:  Agroha, Hisar district of Haryana
Religion: Hindu
Marital Status:  Married
Languages:  Hindi, Haryanavi and English
Professional Game:   Athletics

Family Background
Husband's Name: Virender Singh Poonia
Employer:  Indian Railways

Graduation : Sociology in Kanodia Girls College, Jaipur.

Athletics Background
Famous Victories
2006- Doha Asian Games - Bronze medal
2010- Delhi Commonwealth Games - Gold medal

Interesting Facts

  • - Krishna is the first Indian woman to win the Gold Medal at Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010.
  • - She is the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in track and field events of Commonwealth games.
  • - Krishna Poonia had won gold medal in the 46th Open National athletics championships

Awards & Achievments

  • - Facilitated with Arjuna Award in 2010.
  • - Cash reward of Rs 10 Lakhs by Government of Rajasthan for CWG gold medal.
  • - Bhim award from Government of Haryana.
  • - Bhavani Singh samman from former royal family of Jaipur.
  • - Maharana Mewar award from Mewar Foundationz.
  • - Maharana Pratap award from Government of Rajasthan.