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Gagan Narang

Gagan Narang

Personal Profile (Personal Biography)

Full Name: Gagan Narang
Date of Birth (Birthday):  May 6, 1983
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 5 ft 8 in”
Weight: 98 kg”
Hair Color:  Black
Birth Place:   Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Religion: Hindu
Languages:  Hindi, Tamil and English
Professional Game:  Shooting

Family Background
Father's Name: BS Narang

Shooting Background
Famous Victories
2003 - Afro Asian games in Hyderabad - Gold medal.
2006 - Shooting Championship - Bronze medal.
2006 - World Cup 2006 - Gold medal.
2006 - 2006 Commonwealth Games - 4 Gold medals.
2008 - World Cup in China - Bronze medal.
2010 - ISSF World Shooting Championships - Bronze medal.

Insight to Gagan Narang's Life

Gagan Narang is ace Indian shooter especiaaly in Air Rifle shooting and has ensured that the Indian subcontinent ranks amongst the top nations in the world of shooting. Narang came into the limelight after his successful stint at the Commonwealth Games 2006, followed by the World Cup, from where he returned with a gold medal. 1983 born, Gagan Narang became an indelible part of India's sporting history when he shot the first-ever gold medal for the hosts in the inaugural Afro Asian Games at the Hyderabad University shooting range. Narang, a scholarship holder from Indian Airlines took to the sport seriously only 5 years ago

Awards & Achievments

  • - Holds world record of 600 points in 10 metre air rifle (men) Qualification.
  • - Holds world record of 703.5 points in 10 metre air rifle (men) Final.
  • - scholarship holder from Indian Airlines.