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Most Popular Dishes

most popular dishes

Indian Cuisne is known the world over for the sheer variety it offers. There are many famous dishes which are an integral element of the rich Indian cuisine. Most famous dDishes of India are categorised here under various headings such as North Indian Cuisne, South Indian Cuisne, Mughlai Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine - which work for all special occasions and day to day life.

» North India Cuisine
» Sarson Ka Saag
» Punjabi Chole
» South India Cuisine
» Sambar
» Idli
» Punjabi Cuisine
» Dal Makhni
» Gajar Ka Halwa
» Mughlai Cuisine
» Tandoori Chicken
» Gosht Biryani
» Delhi Cuisine
» Shahi Paneer
» Chicken Curry
» Central India Cuisine
» Khurma
» Kusli
» Andhra Cuisine
» Hara Kebab
» Mulaga Podi
» Rajasthani Cuisine
» Churma
» Dal Dhokli
» Gujarati Cuisine